Alanna’s Journey

Alanna’s journey with The David’s Harp Foundation (DHF) is a story of personal discovery, resilience, and the transformative power of a supportive community. It is a testament to the ways in which DHF helps young individuals find their unique voices and paths in life.

Alanna’s journey began in the Student Studio program, where she was an academically excelling student with a deep passion for music. The program provided a nurturing environment for her to expand her skills and explore her musical aspirations. It was here, amidst a diverse group of creative peers, that Alanna began to truly develop as an artist.

Recognizing her passion and potential, Evan Yamada, the BizPod Director, supported Alanna’s decision to leave the Biz Pod program. At DHF, the journey of each individual is respected and supported, with an understanding that there are multiple ‘off-ramps’ leading to different destinations. Alanna’s path was now clear. She would return to her musical roots and, in doing so, found her true calling.

Upon graduating from high school, Alanna found herself at a crossroads, uncertain about the direction she wanted to take. She decided to join the Biz Pod program, an initiative that provides entrepreneurial skills and content creation experience for youth. Her natural talent for visual media shone brightly as she delved into the world of video production. Yet, despite her rapid progress and promise in this new field, Alanna felt her heart pulling her back towards her first love: music.

Stepping into her new role as an Artist Mentor at DHF, Alanna began to nurture relationships with younger members of the community, sharing her experiences and knowledge as an audio and sound engineer. She was instrumental in guiding these young minds, helping them cultivate their talents and navigate their paths.

In 2020, Alanna achieved a significant milestone: the release of her first album, ‘OUT’. This album marked her transformation from a talented teenager to a young adult who had found her voice. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, Alanna, like many, found herself battling depression. Her music career came to a sudden halt, and for six long months, she was in a state of pause.

Despite the hardship, Alanna was not alone. Her DHF family, her supportive community, stood by her, offering their unwavering support. She began to work on herself, strengthening her relationships within the community and slowly regaining her mental strength. By May of 2021, Alanna had rediscovered her passion for creating music, and her DHF family was there to support her every step of the way.

The following year, in 2022, DHF presented Alanna with a groundbreaking opportunity. She was commissioned by ZScaler, a technology company, to create an original song, “In the Cloud.” This marked the first time she was paid for her musical creations, a significant milestone in her career as a professional recording artist.

Today, Alanna continues to grow as an artist and a mentor, choosing to use her gift to build impactful relationships with young people. Her story illustrates the power of DHF’s mission: empowering youth to find their unique voices and contribute positively to their communities. It’s more than just a story of an individual artist; it’s a testament to the transformative potential of music, mentorship, and community.


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