Student Studio

“Student Studio Program: Empowering the Next

Generation through Music and Mentorship”

The Student Studio program at David’s Harp Foundation is a unique journey into the world of music and media production. It offers a dynamic platform for youth aged 13-18 to express themselves creatively while mastering a broad range of musical genres – from Hip-Hop to traditional Mexican Ranchera/Corridos and Reggaeton.

Our experienced Artist Mentors guide the students through the intricacies of music production, in an environment that fosters creativity, growth, and learning. We provide access to professional-grade tools and state-of-the-art studios where students can explore and shape their unique sound.

However, the Student Studio program is not just about learning the technical aspects of music production. It’s about using music as a tool for personal growth, academic achievement, and community engagement. As students work on their personal and academic goals, they learn the value of perseverance, collaboration, and creative expression.

Our Artist Mentors build authentic relationships with the students, providing guidance, support, and inspiration throughout their creative journey. This emphasis on mentorship is a key component of the Student Studio program, fostering a sense of community and mutual respect among students and mentors alike.

The Student Studio program represents a unique opportunity for young people to discover their potential, refine their talents, and create music that truly resonates with them. Here, music becomes more than a form of artistic expression – it is a pathway to real-world opportunities and personal development. Join us in this harmonious journey of self-discovery and creative expression.


90's Mixed Vocals - Elijah

by DHF high school students of 2022

Talkin' To My Feelings - Jubie Chris

by DHF high school students of 2022

Alanna’s Journey

Alanna was a high school senior when she was first introduced to The David’s Harp Student Studio program through a family friend. Alanna was excelling academically but was looking for an opportunity to take her musical skills to the next level. She found a home amongst the creative teens in the program and began her musical journey.

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