At the start of every Business Pod class, the instructors and students take a few minutes to check in with one another. They share their high, low and hope for the week. This past week, student Symphony received some big news during check in’s and our amazing BizPod instructor Jesus caught it all on camera! Check it out below.

Our BizPod program is aimed at preparing young people for a life beyond high school. Supporting them in navigating a career as a creative as they pursue higher education. After Symphony hopped off the phone with her (very proud) mom, we asked her a few questions about getting accepted into college and how the BizPod program has prepared her for this next step.

What did it feel like to receive that acceptance letter?

When I opened the acceptance letter, I felt pure accomplishment. I have sacrificed time that I could have spent having fun or socializing with friends, in order to strengthen my college applications. But by receiving my acceptance letter, I felt as though all of the hard work and sacrifice had finally paid off. It was a great feeling, and gave me new hope for my future, as well.

What are you most looking forward to in college?

I am most looking forward to doing what I love in college. Depending on the school I attend, I plan to major in either Biochemistry or Molecular and Cell Biology on the pre-med track, which means I will spend another four years working even harder than I did before. Even with this in mind, I know that I will be studying what I am passionate about! I would also like to minor in Political Science, another passion of mine, and I could not be more excited and hopeful for my future.

What skills have you learned in the BizPod program that will support you in college?

Prior to joining BizPod, most of my school projects were individual projects, which I liked because I am a very independent worker. However, at BizPod, I definitely have learned a lot of teamwork skills. It is rare that I work alone at BizPod, and I know that there will be times in college where I have to apply the teamwork skills that I have learned at BizPod. Bouncing ideas off of each other at BizPod has been a fun experience, and I look forward to doing the same in the classroom.

There are a lot of new and challenging things you’ve done during your time in BizPod – how do you feel having accomplished so many new things and overcoming challenges?

I have never considered myself to be the most creative person, so overcoming this struggle felt like a challenge in itself. But working creatively at BizPod has definitely strengthened my ability to believe in my creativity. In such a short time, I have discovered a lot about myself and just how far the lengths of my creativity can go. I am proud of this discovery, and I feel inspired to know how much farther I can go in videography, photography, and other creative hobbies.