Beats Behind The Wall

Through a partnership with the Juvenile Probation Department and Juvenile Court and Community Schools, .we take the DHF program on site to youth at East Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility and Kearney Mesa Juvenile Hall.

DHF Artist Mentors earn mentoring relationships with boys and girls serving 360-540 days in the “Youthful Offenders Unit,” helping them navigate incarceration and successfully reimagine their future upon release.

Beats Behind The Wall: Frank’s Journey

As an audio engineer, Frank was responsible for recording, mixing, and mastering the group’s original hip-hop song. While Frank honed his technical skills, our Artist Mentors were building trust with him through our restorative “check-in” process every session. This is a process in which our staff creates a supportive, honest space where they share openly about the highs, lows, and hopes of their own lives and encourage youth to do the same.

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Beats Beyond The Wall

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