It’s has been a long time coming…

After months of waiting, and anticipating becoming a full-fledged  501(c)(3) non-profit, the letter finally came in the mail this past  March! And just in time too. It has been our dream to get our students a  studio space of their own for sometime now. Now that dream can finally  become a reality…with your help that is.

I personally never dreamed that my music career would take me the  teaching path but here I am, extremely excited to begin our fourth year  of inspiring, mentoring, and encouraging teens to creatively explore the world of multimedia, and demanding academic achievement as well. With  the help of our talented Board of Directors, we are looking for EVERY opportunity to attain the funding that will allow us to give these kids the opportunity to work in a state-of-the-art space with industry standard equipment. While our corporate partners are stepping up to provide a very generous equipment donations we are still in need of major donations to accomplish the following.

Short-term Goals:

1. Procure a building with a long-term lease and cover rent for at least two years

2. Build out acoustically treated studio spaces

3. Attain computer hardware for Main studio rooms (4 Apple Mac Pros,  screens, peripherals)

4. Attain computer hardware for student  workstations (8-10 apple Imac computers, peripherals)

5. Attain production software (Pro Tools 9, Avid, Waves Mercury, and additional  peripheral software)

6. Cover general operating costs

In the past we have had an overflow of kids that heard through word of  mouth about our program; but sadly we have had to turn the majority away  due to the limited space and resources in our production studio. In fact, the space was never intended to accommodate multiple students in a  learning environment. We demand that our students operate in excellence,  both in the studio and in the classroom, accordingly they deserve to  work in a facility that matches their effort. We will settle for nothing less than a state-of-the-art facility. As the 2011-2012 school year is drawing nearer, we are looking to actually recruit students for the first time and begin the project  full-on in the spring semester of 2012. We hope that you will strongly consider partnering with The David’s Harp Foundation so that we can  extend this life changing opportunity to more youth in the San Diego community.


Brandon Steppe