Student Studio

Youth aged 13-18 identify and achieve academic and personal development goals by creating and producing music ranging in genre from Hip-Hop to traditional Mexican Ranchera/Corridos and Reggaeton.

Ultimately, youth have the opportunity to trade their improved school grades and behaviors for additional recording studio time beyond their class time.

Shelter Nights with San Diego Youth Services’ Emergency Youth Shelter:

After checking into the Emergency Teen shelter for the night, youth are brought to the DHF studio to create original music and poetry. TDHF programming encourages staying engaged in the creative process (and safely off the street) as SDYS staff find long-term housing options. Youth have the opportunity to transition to other DHF programs once they find stable housing.

90's Mixed Vocals - Elijah

by DHF high school students of 2022

CHANCES - Maehlia

by DHF high school students of 2022


by DHF high school students of 2022


by DHF high school students of 2022

Talkin' To My Feelings - Jubie Chris

by DHF high school students of 2022

Alanna’s Journey

Alanna was a high school senior when she was first introduced to The David’s Harp Student Studio program through a family friend. Alanna was excelling academically but was looking for an opportunity to take her musical skills to the next level. She found a home amongst the creative teens in the program and began her musical journey.

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Beats Beyond The Wall

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